Jio Prime Offer Rs 99 Extended | Jio Prime Membership Rs. 49

Jio Prime offer Rs. 49

Yes, you can still avail Reliance Jio Prime offer Rs 99 which is basically named as Jio Prime Membership. One can still get Rs 99 recharge till 15th April with which your Jio Prime Membership or offer will be active and gets validated for one year.  

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Jio Prime Offer Extended till 15th April

  • All the existing Jio users can avail this Jio Prime Membership by just paying Rs 99.
  • Once Jio Prime Membership is Active it is valid for 1 year.
  • All the Jio Services such as 1GB Fast Speed 4G data, unlimited voice calls and free SMS will be extended for 3 months if you get the recharge of Rs 303 after getting Jio Prime Membership.

What is Jio Prime Membership offer and its benefits?

  1. To Enjoy “Jio Prime Offer”, you have to Register with Rs. 99.
  2. Your Jio services will be extended till July 2017.
  3. You will be able to use unlimited data between 2 am to 5 am.
  4. Access to all Jio premium apps free for 1 year.

Why Rs. 303 Jio Recharge is required with Jio Prime offer?

Jio Prime Membership is extended till 15th April under “Jio Summer Surprise offer” which suggests that one needs to have Rs. 303 recharge after registering as Jio Prime Customer to avail free services for next 3 months. Once Rs. 303 is done after registering for Jio Prime Membership, you will also get the benefits of Rs. 303 recharge that is for the month of August you don’t have to pay anything and enjoy Free data, voice calls and SMS.

Jio Prime offer

Do we have to get Rs 99 Recharge Every Month?

No, Jio Prime Membership is one-time registration which is valid for 1 year that is 12 months. Once you get Rs. 99 recharge it lasts for 1 year.

Jio Prime Offer Rs 99

Get Rs. 50 Cashback on registering for Jio Prime Membership

Jio Money App offer

 How to get Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 99 Recharge ?

You can get Rs 50 cashback on Rs 99 recharge with 2 Apps one is Jio Money Wallet App and other is PhonePe App. Below are the steps, how to download apps and get Rs. 50 Cashback.

Download Jio Money App to get Jio Prime offer in Rs. 49

  • Install & Open the app.
  • Signup/Sign in your account.
  • Verify your mobile number through OTP.
  • Go to Jio Recharge menu.
  • Enter Your Jio Mobile Number.

Jio Prime Offer Plans

  • Now Choose from the above Prime Packages and you will be eligible to get Rs. 50 cashback.
  • Now you can Register for Jio Prime offer in Just Rs. 49.

Steps to download PhonePe App to get Jio Prime Membership in Rs. 49

Jio Prime offer on Phone pe

Click To Avail Download the PhonePe App From Play Store

  • Install & Open the app.
  • Signup/Sign in your account.
  • Verify your mobile number through OTP.
  • Now enter your bank account details to create UPI of your bank.
  • Select prepaid recharge.
  • Select operator as Reliance Jio.
  • Enter your Plan.
  • Make the payment using UPI.
  • And your recharge is done.

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