How To Get Jio Prime Membership in 2020

Jio Prime Membership
Jio Prime Membership

Today I will show you how to activate the Jio Prime membership plan

What is Jio Prime Membership?

so few days back Jio announced the new Prime membership which is 99 rupees one-time payment and monthly rate of three hundred and three rupees and you will get 1 GB of data per day and that’s unlimited plan actually but you have and a few Plan of 1 GB of data and you will get unlimited calls and all the offers which you are available in happy new year offer.

What is The Plan Of Jio Prime Membership?

We will be carried forward in the Jio Prime membership plan so we already talked about the Jio prime plan and the features you can also check out Jio Prime Offer post to get an idea of the Jio membership plan and the features and the pricing and all those stuff so now we will show you how to activate the Jio Prime membership plan so there are 3 ways to activate these your Prime membership,

How To Activate Jio Prime Membership In 3 Stape?

Now I will show you how to activate the Jio Prime membership plan, so there are 3 ways to activate these your Prime membership

 1st way to activate your Jio Prime membership

plan one is using my Jio app that’s you have available on the Play Store you can download the app and sign in with your own account that’s a Gmail account

2nd way to activate your Jio Prime membership

the second way is to go to Jio app again sign in with your email and password and there you will see an option and the third way is to go to an authorized Reliance juice

3rd Way To Activate Your Jio Prime Membership

pay the membership fee and activate your new membership plan based on your usage so these are three ways we’ll show the first and second method here so the first step let’s go to my view app so we have installed my view app and we have signed in with our account and you can see this is the home screen for my new app you can see the current prime membership plan,

Jio Prime Membership
Jio Prime Membership

How To renewal  Your Jio Prime Membership?

users you can see the Jio happy new year over wages value till 31st of March 2017 and just click on the 3 lines so on the top and you can see the Jio prime option available here that’s the Jio Prime membership that’s 99 rupees a one-time payment and a monthly plan of 303 rupees and this plan is valid till the 31st of March 2018 and you can extend the user unlimited plans getting free content both and thousand rupees get exclusive offers so these are the options and features of the Jio prime membership

And this plan that has to be activated before 31st of March in order to get the new benefits starting from April 1st when it’s chargeable so the plan has gone life right now that’s 1st of March to 31st of March this plan will be I mean this option to activate this plan will be available and after that, you can use the Jio Prime membership live if you are not going for Prime membership and you don’t also choose the different plans available in the Jio website so now we have the option to give

How To Gift Jio Prime Membership?

The Jio Prime membership or get a Jio prime membership so you can proceed from there based on now how you like to get the Jio Prime and ship membership if you are planning to give to somebody you can just click here and in that a number of which area you want to gift and then click gift and again now see I give membership option below the pop-up and here you can pay for the give membership plan and then I can start using I can see here I would like to give the Prime membership to  you and your family just enter the,

Number and click Submit and then you can go forward and pay for it so this is what option the second option is using the website that is will just show you that so the second option as we said before used to visited your calm website and now we have opened the Jio website and here you can see that we an option to sign in so now we have signed in and you can sign in with your email and password now we can see that just click that my account our details and this will open your account and

you can see your a prepaid number and the summary of few sees and all those stuff and at the bottom, you can see by membership option so just click here and I can see a Jio Prime membership so here you can see the Jio Prime membership which is valid till 31st March 2018 and this one-time payment of 99 rupees and you can get all the exclusive benefits so we can just click the Jio prime member get a prime plan and then a proceed to payment and you can once you’re paid off you can just get started with the

Jio Prime Membership
Jio Prime Membership
2ND Way To Gift Jio Prime Membership?

Jio Prime of starting 1st of April so right now since the plan has been active for all uses you might find some hiccups while recharging the plan are getting the Prime membership, but this should be sorted off in a couple of days type and you get a time till 31st of March to get on with the Jio Prime membership, so the third method has said before we can go to any retail store where a Jio prime, your SIM cards have been sold and you can get the Prime membership by paying the 99 rupees and further you can

reach out your account from any store which has this option of recharging Jio or cards so these are the two ways to activate the Jio Prime membership line which is worth 99 rupees one type subscription fee and INR 303 per month you get unlimited calls and 1GB of 4G data every day that say if you’ll be limited after that it’s unlimited basically but then after that the speed reduces and you get close to a 30 GB of data for 303 movies that still are really good to plan because now if you see other operators they are charging 1gb for 249 rupees so you get almost 30 times our data with or INR 303 plan so that’s the options for getting the Jio Prime membership so if you’re planning to go for the Jio Prime membership make sure that you get hold of the plan before March 31st, 2017 because that’s the time to activate this plan so that’s all guys…

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